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The Ultimate List of Free Affiliate Tracking Software

Many marketers come to this blog looking for “free affiliate tracking software.” There are many free (and cheap) scripts that retailers can install on their hosting server to get an affiliate program running. Here’s just a small list of free affiliate tracking software and free affiliate marketing platforms:

Moreover, some e-commerce vendors provide a free affiliate program (or free referral program) plug-ins. 

Many affiliate programs are run in-house: on self or web-hosted (or internally-developed) affiliate software. eBay and Amazon run their referral affiliate programs in-house and based on their own internally-developed software. While more substantial brands can manage to build their own affiliate tracking platforms, most of us, regular affiliate marketers, would be looking for a platform or package to purchase and get going. With these merchants in mind, I have decided to put together a list of referral software options to consider. The below lists is 100% endorsement-free, and is arranged solely in alphabetical order:

Shopping platforms and shopping carts with affiliate program support options:

If I have missed an option that should be included above, please post about it below, and I will add it to the appropriate list.

Lastly, several affiliate and CPA networks charge merchants no setup fee for joining them. These are:

I would advise, however, affiliate program managers and retailers not to start using anything that is marketed as a “free affiliate tracking software”. I have never tried any of the above (this post isn’t endorsement). One of my favorite sayings by Benjamin Franklin: 

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”